“You create your own battlefield!”

Lal Bhatia

Meet Lal Bhatia

the person who fought injustice single-handedly and WON!

Lal Bhatia

Despite being tortured, persecuted and victimised, an Indian exposes a US$1.3 billion money laundering conspiracy involving judges, prosecutors, FBI agents and many other high profile people!

How do you single-handedly battle for justice when you are betrayed by a government infested with subterfuge, corruption and fraud? When are you forced to present evidence in your defence without an attorney, shackled to hard metal leg irons and handcuffed to a belly chain? When seasoned federal judges; veteran prosecutors; experienced investigating agents; and others, cannot, on nearly fifty occasions, refute facts, evidence and testimony establishing that the charges are trumped-up in order to stifle his efforts to expose a US$1.3 billion money laundering conspiracy and yet, they look the other way? And, no, this does not occur in any totalitarian or fascist regime like Nazi Germany, rather, in the United States of America…

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